Getting Started


To use the Hasura GraphQL engine, you need to:

  • Deploy the Hasura GraphQL engine, with access to a Postgres database to store its metadata.
  • Connect new/existing database(s) and set up and test your GraphQL API using the Hasura console UI (also possible via CLI or API).
  • Consume the generated GraphQL API from your client apps.

Quickstart guides

  • Using Hasura Cloud - Create a new Hasura Cloud project with just a few clicks.
    • Recommended as it’s the fastest way to try Hasura GraphQL engine out.
    • Comes with extra features for reliability and security and a managed metadata database.
  • Using Docker - Set up Hasura GraphQL engine with a PG metadata database using Docker Compose.
    • Recommended if you want to run Hasura locally.
    • Recommended if your database cannot be exposed to Hasura Cloud.

Supported databases

Hasura GraphQL engine supports:

Additional Resources

Get Started with Hasura today - Watch video guide.

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