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Version: v2.x

Getting Started


To use the Hasura GraphQL engine, you need to:

  • Deploy the Hasura GraphQL engine, with access to a Postgres database to store its metadata.
  • Connect new/existing database(s) and set up and test your GraphQL API using the Hasura console UI (also possible via CLI or API).
  • Consume the generated GraphQL API from your client apps.

Quickstart guides

  • Using Hasura Cloud - Create a new Hasura Cloud project with just a few clicks.
    • Recommended as it's the fastest way to try Hasura GraphQL engine out.
    • Comes with extra features for reliability and security and a managed metadata database.

Hasura is open-source and can also be downloaded locally. Set up Hasura GraphQL engine using Docker Compose. This is recommended if you want to run Hasura locally or if your database cannot be exposed to Hasura Cloud.

Supported databases

Hasura GraphQL engine supports:

Additional Resources

Get Started with Hasura today - Watch video guide.