Why Attend HasuraCon?

HasuraCon is a conference about you, your success, and...of course…full of deep-dive technical content. We are bringing together users from all over the world for a 2 day celebration of all things Hasura!

Every HasuraCon is made up of product details, roadmaps, user stories, deep dives, and Q&A. Whether you are just exploring Hasura for the first time or optimising the architecture of your applications, you will hear what’s coming and pick up the tips and tricks you need to make your data accessible and ship applications faster.

But who is it for? And why should you attend?

Who Should Attend?

The conference has content that ranges from live, interactive, in-depth workshops to stories of people building products with Hasura to the Hasura team sharing our roadmap to deep-dives into the tech itself.

This is perfectly suited for:
 •  Indie Developers
 •  Developer teams
 •  Technical Management
 •  Software Architects
 •  GraphQL Experts and Beginners

Also, we have a workshop that is targeted to the beginner to intermediate Haskell developer!

Why Should I Attend?

A Glimpse Into The Future - The way that we build software is changing. Hasura automates data access so developers can build mission-critical applications faster. Join HasuraCon ‘21 to discover just what the future of making data access “self-serve” looks like.

If you are a Hasura user today, you know the benefits. Your glimpse into the future comes in the form of some special product announcements and feature deep dives.

Content Just For You - Keynotes featuring the Hasura founders and special guests (including Guillermo Rauch, CEO Vercel), industry analysts providing their perspective on the changing landscape of software development and application deployment, deep dive into current and upcoming features, user stories, and more. Regardless of who you are, HasuraCon is packed with content you will find valuable.

And, of course, some very special product announcements.

Discover the Magical Developer Experience - Developers love Hasura for the experience. Architects love Hasura because of what it enables. Executives love Hasura because of the impact on TCO and time-to-market. In addition to the sessions, we have 3 special hands-on workshops that enable you to discover Hasura for the first time, explore data federation in context of Hasura and GraphQL, and -- if you are a Haskell developer -- learn how to contribute to a quickly growing OSS project immediately.

Learn How To ‘Think Hasura’ - Your legacy architecture will change. In fact, it is probably changing now (whether you know it or not). HasuraCon provides you the opportunity to gain a valuable perspective on data-access (via GraphQL or otherwise) while exploring the incremental migration of legacy architectures into modern data-access solutions.

Community Building and Engagement - Hasura is powered by a passionate team and delights in the engagement of the community. If you are active in the community today...you will have an opportunity to directly interact with your peers (both inside and outside) Hasura during sessions and topic tables. If you are exploring whether Hasura specifically (or GraphQL broadly) are appropriate for your next step...there is no better place to start.

Hope to see you there!
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