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Version: v2.x

Health Check API Reference


The Health API is a public endpoint which gives info on the server health.


All requests are GET requests to the /healthz endpoint. There's also /hasura/healthz available as an alternative, which mirrors /healthz completely.

API Spec


GET /healthz HTTP/1.1


Depending on the server health status any of the following responses can be returned:

Server conditionHTTP StatusMessage
All healthy200OK
Serving requests but some Metadata objects are inconsistent/not-available200WARN: inconsistent objects in schema

If there are Metadata inconsistencies, you should use the Hasura Console or the get_inconsistent_metadata Metadata API to find out what the inconsistent objects are and resolve them.

Sample response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Disabling Health Check API

The healthz API endpoint is public and cannot be disabled.