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Internationalization with Hasura: How to Make Your Backend (Almost) as Smart as Google Translate



In a world that is growing more digitally connected at a breath-taking rate, it’s becoming easier and easier to have a global audience for your application, which means globalization and localization are concerns for development teams of almost any size. There are many effective patterns and tools for localizing client-side web content, but what about data stored and/or computed by your backend? How do you approach translating an entire application at all layers, especially if you’re not doing it from the start?

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Brittany Roddy

Lead Software Eng. & Architect, Current Desk

Brittany Roddy is the lead software engineer and architect of the next-gen team at CurrentDesk. Virginia born and raised, she currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and many (many) pets and plant babies. She is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) and has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Virginia. When she’s not engineering, she enjoys crafting, gaming, and fueling her coffee obsession.

Brittany Roddy
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