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Visualizing TimescaleDB compression status in real-time with Hasura



TimescaleDB uses hypertables as an abstraction layer to leverage time-series data on Postgres database. The compression system works behind the scenes, dividing the large data into small storages that we call "chunks." Every chunk works as a fragment of the table and can be compressed independently. In this lightning talk, you'll see how to create a GraphQL subscription endpoint in Hasura to monitor changes in the compression status of each hypertable chunk, in real-time. Changes to the state of the chunk will be animated in a simple UI, showing the size and status of the chunks over time, as new data is inserted and chunks are compressed.

  • You'll learn how to:
  • Learn how to easily track endpoints from plain sql
  • Prototype new ideas quickly
  • See how to use subscriptions to automatically track changes to underlying data using GraphQL endpoints
  • Introduce some TimescaleDB views and functions to assist in monitoring the health of your database.

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