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Simple, Secure Social Media Site with Magic and Hasura

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Forget the To Do List app. With Jamstack technologies like Hasura and Magic auth, we can now think BIG when it comes to fun integrations. That’s why in this talk, we’ll be learning how to build a simple, yet super secure social media website that we can deploy and start using right away with ease.

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Maricris Bonzo

Developer Advocate, Magic

Developer Advocate (DA) at Magic by 🌞, Multi-Passionate Creative by 🌚. As a DA, I’m creating content, connecting with developers and closing feedback loops by bringing insights, on how we can improve the UX of our tech, back to my team. As a Multi-Passionate Creative, I’m growing my brand identity on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, all the while building a community in public called Blockchain Ladies Club.

Maricris Bonzo
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