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Once and future app development: Reinventing the integration layer for apps, stacks, and teams



This talk considers how changing tech stacks and app modernization initiatives affect not only software applications but also the teams that build them.

As tech stacks, app development practices, and expected pace of innovation continually evolve, development teams find themselves tasked with not only quickly developing greenfield applications but also tackling modernization initiatives and application integration challenges. For team members, this merger of old and new often means acquiring new skills and incorporating new technologies into existing processes; for organizations, this means investments in time and training: investments that are key for developer productivity, talent retention, and talent acquisition. In other words, for technical decision makers, app modernization should never be just about the future of their stack, it is also always about the future of their teams. GraphQL and other modern application development paradigms have potential benefits for how development teams build and maintain their new and existing applications.

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KellyAnn Fitzpatrick

Industry Analyst, RedMonk

KellyAnn Fitzpatrick is an Industry Analyst at RedMonk, the developer-focused industry analyst firm. Having previously worked as a QA analyst, test & release manager, and tech writer, she has experience with containers, CI/CD, testing frameworks, documentation, and training. She has also taught technical communication to computer science majors at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Side projects include teaching, speaking, and writing about medievalism (the ways that post-medieval societies reimagine or appropriate the Middle Ages), and running to/from donut shops.

KellyAnn Fitzpatrick
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