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Schema sharing: A new utility for learning Hasura best-practices and sharing your knowledge

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What did you do when you loaded up your first Hasura project? Maybe you created a sample table, were following a tutorial, or tried implementing a feature. With schema sharing we're hoping to bridge the gap for both beginner and veteran Hasura users by bringing installable samples of permissions, relationships, and advanced Hasura features; as well as data models, logical implementations, and extension examples. With these installable schemas you and your team will be able to not only get up to speed with Hasura, but also be able to embrace the power of the database that runs through your API. Join this lightning session with Martin, to run through a demonstration of this new utility, as well as a look into the future of creating your own schemas for your team.

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Martin Mark

Product Design Lead, Hasura

Martin Mark is a product design lead at Hasura. He is currently focused on making the developer experience using Hasura more delightful. With a background in design, UX, and frontend technologies Martin has previously led product and design teams at Forma AI and Rubikloud.

Martin Mark
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