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Data Federation with Hasura



Data Federation, as a concept, allows for the aggregation of data from distributed sources together into a single, common data model but “pushes’ down execution to underlying sources. It doesn’t contain the actual data. Instead, it contains metadata about where different data sources are located and how to fetch them on demand. Think of it as accessing a virtual database that contains all the data ever required for your application.

Or, more simply, if you are struggling to get a single “source of truth” for your application, as your data is spread across 3rd-party APIS, multiple databases, microservices, and more. This session is for you."


  • Accessing all your data with a unified GraphQL API no matter where it lives
  • A deep dive on Hasura’s remote join features
  • An overview of setup, security (authorisation), and performance
  • Live demonstrations


  • GraphQL
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