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Incremental Adoption of GraphQL in existing applications



In this 90 minute live workshop you will learn the fundamentals of GraphQL and how you can accelerate time to market for your applications by adopting GraphQL and Hasura incrementally into your existing tech stack. Whether you're building a new application, adding new features to an existing application or planning for a larger modernization initiative in your enterprise, this workshop will take you over practical approaches to achieve your goals faster while moving incrementally.

Hasura currently works with Postgres, BigQuery, MySQL and SQL Server


  • Fundamentals of GraphQL - queries, subscriptions and mutations
  • Architectural differences between GraphQL from REST
  • Instant GraphQL on your existing data with Hasura
  • Securing GraphQL access with authentication and authorization
  • Bringing your custom business logic into the “graph” by extending Hasura.
  • Data federation: Connecting other data sources and domains such as your CRM, payment API or services owned by other teams in your org into a unified data graph with data federation
  • Incremental adoption of GraphQL/Hasura, ensuring the benefits of GraphQL while mitigating the risks of a new technology like GraphQL
  • Use Cases at scale with GraphQL and Hasura


  • JavaScript (preferably TypeScript) - GraphQL"
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