Auto-apply migrations/metadata when the server starts (config v1)

Hasura ships a special Docker container which can be used to automatically apply migrations/metadata when the server starts:



This container image includes the Hasura CLI at /bin/hasura-cli and can be used for running any other CI/CD scripts in your workflow.

Applying migrations

The migrations directory created by the Hasura CLI (the one next to config.yaml) can be mounted at the /hasura-migrations path of this Docker container and the container’s entry point script will apply the migrations before starting the server. If no directory is mounted at the designated path, the server will start ignoring migrations.

If you want to mount the migrations directory at some location other than /hasura-migrations, set the following environment variable:


Once the migrations are applied, the container resumes operation as a normal Hasura GraphQL engine server.


# Start Hasura after applying the migrations present in /home/me/my-project/migrations
docker run -p 8080:8080 \
       -v /home/me/my-project/migrations:/hasura-migrations \
       -e HASURA_GRAPHQL_DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:@postgres:5432/postgres \

Applying only metadata

If you’re managing migrations with a different tool and want to use this image to apply only the metadata, mount a directory with just a metadata.yaml file and the script will apply the metadata.