Hasura Enterprise

The data access layer for modern architectures

Building on everything you know and love about Hasura, our Enterprise offering has features such as advanced Security & Reliability controls, SSO & APM integrations, self-hosted/on-premise deployment options, etc. with 24*7*365 support options and training from the core Hasura Team.
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Hasura Enterprise comes with advanced security, reliability & performance features


API limiting
Team Management
  • circlePrevent abuse / DoS attacks on your GraphQL API
  • circleGranular target segments based on any combination of session variables
  • circleSet role-based limits based on
    • listLineRate: No. of requests per minute/hour
    • listLineMax. Query depth
  • circleManage QoS with user identity & session aware configuration
  • circlePrevent scraping & abuse of your GraphQL API by allow-listing GraphQL operations actually used by your app
  • circleEnable warn mode to only log unknown operations in production without preventing their execution
  • circleAutomatically build an allow-list by capturing operations during CI
  • circleMember specific login to Hasura project with granular privileges
    • listLineRun GraphQL queries
    • listLineView analytics & metrics
    • listLineManage team members
  • circleSSO integrations available on request


Monitoring & Analytics
Regression Tests
  • circleTroubleshoot errors & drill-down into individual operations
  • circleDetect patterns across GraphQL operations
    • listLineSlowest operations
    • listLineCommonly-seen errors
    • listLineError-prone operations
  • circleIntegrations with external logging & APM tools
  • circleObservability into your GraphQL stack, including websocket connections and subscriptions
  • circleAPI access to Hasura-generated metrics
  • circleReplay operations from the regression suite in dev & staging
    • listLineDuring Dev: run manually via console and get instant feedback
    • listLineError-prone operations
  • circlePrevent breaking changes & regressions automatically by replaying production traffic on dev/staging to capture schema & configuration changes
  • circleAutomatically create a regression suite using production traffic


Read-Replica Support
  • circleInstantly enable caching of frequent and expensive API calls (GraphQL queries) without writing any code
  • circleCache public data & cache private data based on session and authorization rules
  • circleTTL based cache invalidation
  • circleAutomatic routing for queries, subscriptions and miutation across master and read-replicas.
  • circleAdvanced configuration options for setting connection pools per master/replica.
  • circleRead Replica Support for enhanced performance and scalability.

Custom Integrations

  • circleIntegrate Hasura into your existing systems and developer workflows.
    • listLineSSO integration with Active Directory, AWS IAM or any identity provider to securely access and manage Hasura.
    • listLineAPM integrations Datadog, Prometheus, etc. to stream Monitoring & Analytics data to a central logs/APM service.
    • listLineAlerting integrations with services like PagerDuty, Opsgenie, etc.

Support, Solutions & Training



Collaborate with Hasura to empower your team to rapidly build and seamlessly manage your applications.
  • Check markDevelopment support: SLA-based support & 1x1 consulting sessions to turbocharge application development.
  • Check markProduction support: On-call support to help troubleshoot & fix issues in production.


Accelerate evaluation & adoption journeys with integrations, architecture, development, and delivery
  • Check markEvaluation & Architecture: set up a PoC to help you evaluate how to use Hasura with your existing architecture and stack.
  • Check markAdoption: development and delivery services.


Equip your team with knowledge and skills across the stack to rapidly build world-class applications.
  • Check markWorkshops: introduce GraphQL and modern architecture patterns to your team with interactive workshops.
  • Check markTraining: customized training solutions and content for your backend, frontend and DevOps/SRE teams.
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Hear from enterprises using Hasura in production

Paolo Resmini
VP Engineering, Matternet
Hasura is essential for us to meet our stringent requirements for realtime API performance, security and reliability. Our drone delivery system enables our partners across the world to make contactless deliveries of sensitive prescription medicine, and Hasura is a key technology helping to make this happen.
Daniel Schofield
Software Engineer, Softbank Robotics
Hasura is one of the most powerful, innovative new technologies of our time. It radically transforms and streamlines development of a flexible, versatile API layer, which can be employed for use with any type of application development.
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