The data access layer for modern architectures

Enterprise ready version of Hasura with added security & performance features.

  • TickAdvanced Security & Reliability controls, SSO & APM integrations
  • TickSelf-hosted/on-premise deployment options
  • Tick24*7*365 support options and training from the core Hasura Team
The data access layer for modern architectures
University of Virginia




API Limiting
  • Prevent abuse / DoS attacks on your GraphQL API
  • Set role-based limits based on
    • Rate: No. of requests per minute/hour
    • Max. Query depth
  • Granular target segments based on any combination of session variables
  • Manage QoS with user identity & session aware configuration
Allow listing
  • Prevent scraping & abuse of your GraphQL API by allow-listing GraphQL operations actually used by your app
  • Automatically build an allow-list by capturing operations during CI
  • Enable warn mode to only log unknown operations in production without preventing their execution
Team management
  • Member specific login to Hasura project with granular privileges
    • Run GraphQL queries
    • View analytics & metrics
    • Manage team members
  • SSO integrations available on request


Monitoring and analytics
  • Troubleshoot errors & drill-down into individual operations
  • Detect patterns across GraphQL operations
    • Slowest operations
    • Commonly-seen errors
    • Error-prone operations
  • Integrations with external logging & APM tools
  • Observability into your GraphQL stack, including websocket connections and subscriptions
  • API access to Hasura-generated metrics
Regression tests
  • Replay operations from the regression suite in dev & staging
    • During Dev: run manually via console and get instant feedback
    • Error-prone operations
  • Automatically create a regression suite using production traffic
  • Prevent breaking changes & regressions automatically by replaying production traffic on dev/staging to capture schema & configuration changes


  • Instantly enable caching of frequent and expensive API calls (GraphQL queries) without writing any code
  • Cache public data & cache private data based on session and authorization rules
  • TTL based cache invalidation
Read-replica Support
  • Automatic routing for queries, subscriptions and mutations across master and read-replicas.
  • Advanced configuration options for setting connection pools per master/replica.
  • Read Replica Support for enhanced performance and scalability.
Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

Integrate Hasura into your existing systems and developer workflows.
  • SSO integration with Active Directory Federated Services, AWS IAM or any identity provider to securely access and manage Hasura.
  • APM integrations Datadog, Prometheus, etc. to stream Monitoring & Analytics data to a central logs/APM service.
  • Alerting integrations with services like PagerDuty, Opsgenie, etc.
Custom Integrations

Support, solutions and training



Collaborate with Hasura to empower your team to rapidly build and seamlessly manage your applications.
  • Development support: SLA-based support & 1x1 consulting sessions to turbocharge application development.
  • Production support: On-call support to help troubleshoot & fix issues in production.


Accelerate evaluation & adoption journeys with integrations, architecture, development, and delivery.
  • Evaluation & Architecture: set up a PoC to help you evaluate how to use Hasura with your existing architecture and stack.
  • Adoption: development and delivery services.


Equip your team with knowledge and skills across the stack to rapidly build world-class applications.
  • Workshops: introduce GraphQL and modern architecture patterns to your team with interactive workshops.
  • Training: customized training solutions and content for your backend, frontend and DevOps/SRE teams.
Peter Downs

“Hasura is a fantastic way to create a data fetching layer to our database. It’s ultra-stable and often better at planning queries than ones we were writing ourselves.”

Peter Downs
Director of Engineering, Pipe

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