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Version: v2.x



The Hasura CLI Data Connector plugin utilizes a typical command / flag syntax enabling you to quickly manage your Hasura Data Connector deployments. A typical command structure will follow this pattern:

hasura connector <command> --<optional_flag> "<optional_flag_value>"

A real-world example following this structure would be:

hasura connector create my-connector:v1 --github-repo-url

This snippet illustrates the create command and the github-repo-url flag, and the value of the github-repo-url.

Getting help

At any time, you can use the --help flag on a certain command. Running hasura connector --help will return information on available commands and flags:

This Hasura CLI plugin enables deployment and management of custom Hasura Data Connector agents to Google Cloud Platform.

Further Reading:

connector [command]

Available Commands:
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
create Create a new Hasura Cloud connector using CLI
delete Delete a Hasura Cloud connector.
help Help about any command
list List all Hasura Cloud data connectors owned by the user.
logs Tails logs of a deployed custom Hasura data connector.
status Prints the current status of the custom Hasura data connector deployment.
version get version information of connector CLI

-h, --help help for connector

Use "connector [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Whereas running hasura connector status --help will return commands and flags specific to the actions category of commands:

This command prints the status of the custom Hasura Data Connector deployment. It also prints the image build logs, if they are available yet, of the image build from the source code from the GitHub repository.

Further Reading:

connector status [connector-name] [flags]

# fetch deployment status of the custom connector with the name: my-custom-connector:v1
hasura connector status my-custom-connector:v1

-h, --help help for status
hasura connector commands

A complete list of all Data Connector plugin commands, including details and examples, can be found in the side navigation to the left under the Commands heading.