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Version: v2.x

Hasura Data Connector plugin on Hasura Cloud

This Hasura CLI plugin enables deployment and management of custom Hasura Data Connector agents to Hasura Cloud.

Want to build your own Data Connector?

If you're ready to build your own Data Connector, or want to see what community-built connectors you can deploy today, check out the Native Data Connector Hub.

Install the Hasura CLI Data Connector plugin

To start deploying Data Connectors using the Data Connector plugin, the following pre-requisites need to be in place:

  1. Install Hasura CLI

  2. Update plugin index

hasura plugins list
  1. Install cloud plugin
hasura plugins install cloud
  1. Authenticate the CLI with Hasura Cloud
hasura cloud login
  1. Install connector plugin
hasura plugins install connector
  1. Verify installation with the --help flag
hasura connector --help

Uninstall the Hasura CLI Data Connector plugin

To uninstall the Hasura CLI Data Connector plugin, use the uninstall command:

hasura plugins uninstall connector