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Version: v2.x

Pre-built Dashboards

Grafana Dashboards

You can download dashboards on the Hasura organization page on Grafana Cloud, or from the demo repository below.



If you're running Hasura EE yourself, you have metrics available over a Prometheus endpoint, Traces available over OpenTelemetry and Logs available over stdout. We have set up a boilerplate folder where we have configured Hasura along with:

  • Prometheus for metrics collector.
  • Jaeger for Traces collector.
  • Alert Manager and regular alert rules.
  • Node Exporter for system metrics.
  • Blackbox Exporter for HTTP health checks.
  • Grafana with a few sample dashboards.
  • Loki and Promtail for logging collector.
  • Hasura migrations, metadata examples and enterprise enabled services (Caching, Read Replicas, Data Connectors).
Hasura Overview Dashboard

The repository helps you quickly start and explore the latest observability feature updates, dashboards, and alert templates for monitoring in production.

Get Started

Clone the repository to your local machine, copy the sample environment file dotenv to .env, and edit the enterprise license key (HGE_EE_LICENSE_KEY) and secrets. The demo uses Docker Compose to setup container services.

git clone
cd ee-observability-demo
cp dotenv .env
docker-compose up -d

Explore Grafana Dashboards on http://localhost:3000.