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Deploy and run always-on, scalable applications in under 5 minutes with Hasura Cloud and Yugabyte Cloud



Modern cloud-native application development revolves around faster prototyping, a constant feedback loop, and infrastructure automation. These factors influence application developers to embrace a fully managed software development stack to concentrate the majority of development effort on solving the business problems. The entire stack from UI apps, API layers, and backend databases are managed services working together to serve internet-scale applications. Yugabyte Cloud is a fully managed linearly scalable Postgres compliant database having native integration with Hasura cloud. In this talk, We will walk you through the steps for implementing a GraphQL application in less than 5 mins using Hasura Cloud and Yugabyte Cloud. Also, we will demonstrate how the backend cloud database can be scaled independently of the GraphQL provider without any disruption.

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Nikhil Chandrappa

Software Engineer Lead, Yugabyte

Nikhil works in ecosystem engineering team at Yugabyte. He is leading the efforts on YugabyteDB integrations with open source developer tools like GraphQL, Spring Data, R2DBC, and Kubernetes. He also works with the developer community on the adoption of Distributed SQL databases in cloud native applications. Before joining Yugabyte, he worked as a senior data engineer at Pivotal, championing the cloud native data APIs and in-memory data grids for Fortune 500 customers. He has presented at major developer conferences, including Spring One, GraphQL Conferences. He is originally from Mysore, India, and has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.

Nikhil Chandrappa
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