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NoOps for Enterprise applications



Here's the story of how we helped McDonald's and Coca-Cola to put a smile on their customers by delivering a real-time application without the heavyweight of maintaining or configuring the infrastructure needed for such a complex goal. Our stack needed to be scalable, resilient, easy to debug, event-driven, secure, and multi-tenant to support various countries, and it was achievable by looking carefully beyond Nextjs and Hasura, our partners: Vercel and Hasura Inc.

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Sebastian Ferrari

CTO and Co-Founder, Taller

Sebastian is from Uruguay though lives in Brazil where he co-founded and works as the CTO of Taller helping clients and developers to design and build custom digital products. He has more than 15 years of experience building software for startups and enterprise clients using Open Source technologies, also is a certified Kanban Management Professional by the Kanban University and an enthusiast of the Agile, DevOps and DDD culture, designing systems from a sociotechnical aspect. Co-founded the React Conf Brazil and Co-organized and spoke on events related to Open Source technologies like Drupal, GraphQL, Javascript and GNU/Linux.

Sebastian Ferrari
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