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SQLite: Implementing A New Hasura Backend



We've been working on adding support for more databases to Hasura: Microsoft SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Citus, and soon, MySQL. We have worked to make the process as seamless as possible, and we'd like to share the knowledge so you can add your favourite source to Hasura!


By attending this workshop, you should gain a good understanding on how to add a new database to Hasura, as well as some insight into the inner workings of the Hasura GraphQL Engine.

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Antoine Leblanc

Head of The Hasura Data Sources Team, Hasura

Antoine Leblanc is the lead of Hasura's Data Sources team, responsible for bringing new backend to the GraphQL engine and for extending what features are supported across them. They are first and foremost a fan of the Haskell programming language, which they taught for several years as part of Google's Haskell Team. They were a Haskell mentor on Exercism for a while, and always welcome questions from Haskell beginners!

Antoine Leblanc
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