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Preview apps on pull-requests & automated deployments on branches: Github & Hasura Cloud

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From development to staging to production, we all want to automate everything that can be automated. Like many users, do you end up reinventing the CI/CD wheel for your Hasura projects? Do you find it hard reviewing and testing pull requests because you have to apply migrations on your local setup every time? Join Rishi for a sneak-peak into how he deploys his local migrations to staging and production by a simple git push. He’ll also show you how he gets preview apps for every main pull request on his git repository.

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Rishichandra Wawhal

Software Engineer, Hasura

Rishi works with the Hasura Could Team. He's fluent in NodeJS, ReasonML, and Golang. In his free time he likes to lift heavy things.

Rishichandra Wawhal
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