About us

Our vision

Technology has been the great leveller - the great democratiser, if you will. The internet promises everyone equal access to information. While much work remains to deliver on this promise, we have made significant strides in creating a more equitable society.

This level of unregulated access to information is unprecedented, and its consequences have yet to show themselves completely. At Hasura, we anticipate a new generation of problem solvers throwing themselves at problems that affect them at a personal or emotional level, in numbers never before seen. To put it simply, we expect there to be a lot more people who strive to ‘do something’.
Technology should be an important part of any problem solving approach. Advancements in technology have led to increased efficiency and transparency in every facet of human endeavour, opened up a class of problems hitherto considered unsolvable, and in some cases, bypassed the onset of a problem entirely. The use of technology has allowed us to create scalable problem solving approaches, and we can now dream of ending problems that have plagued us for centuries. It is completely natural to assume that any solution to any problem should be a technological solution.

Therein lies the rub. While technology touches everyone’s lives, the ability to create technological solutions still resides in the hands of a few. Whether it be due to a lack of access to quality educational content, or the fact that the current technological ecosystem is so complicated that Hasura Itself has to spend every day updating Itself on its various vicissitudes and has no time for parties, technology now personifies Smaug.
‘I would like to solve this problem, I know technology can be used to solve this problem, I know that there is a (metaphorical) pot of gold if I manage to solve this problem, but every time I get into the how, I am confronted by a giant fire breathing lizard that does not take kindly to visitors’.

This is a state of affairs that we find unacceptable. Hasura is so angered by this It just wanders our offices with a glazed look in Its eyes screaming ‘Hasura Smash’. Technology should never be the bottleneck - someone who wishes to do something should be spending all of his or her time on the politics of doing something and the compromises it will entail, and not on how technology should be employed to support his/her ends. Manipulating technology should come as naturally as breathing.
We are endeavouring to create exactly this. We envision a future where the process of creation of a technological solution is as simple as thinking it up, where you can focus on the things that matter, and be assured that if you can think it, you can build it. At Hasura, we build the tooling/support infrastructure that will allow anyone, anywhere to employ technology as he/she desires, to further society - allowing technology to become truly democratic.

Hello world.