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Hasura simplifies each stage of the enterprise GraphQL Federation journey: Composing the federated graph, operating it in production, and evolving it to meet business needs. 


Declaratively compose your supergraph without any middleware code modifications to your subgraphs for a powerful, flexible data layer.


Get advanced, robust out-of-the-box security, performance, and observability tools and capabilities across the full federated graph. 


Confidently evolve your supergraph composition with version control options and audits to understand the impact of any changes. 

Compose any topology – declaratively

Hasura’s multi-protocol connection features give you a declarative method to incorporate any existing database and API resources into your supergraph without any boilerplate GraphQL code or changes.

With powerful features, like namespacing and request/response transforms, Hasura is the most seamless way to compose a supergraph.

Compose any topology – declaratively

Compose declaratively without the middleware or proprietary code changes, the underlying implementation details are automatically handled.


Enable seamless integration and composition of GraphQL, REST, and databases for a unified experience for data retrieval and manipulation.


Organize and segregate their federated schemas, providing a structured approach to managing complex data graphs.

Request / response

Get efficient and precise control over the data retrieved, minimizing over-fetching, to optimize network requests for improved performance.

Build any supergraph topology
Build a supergraph using Hasura, use Hasura to implement a GraphQL gateway pattern or use Hasura to federate existing resources into another supergraph. Hasura allows you to shape any supergraph topology that works for you.  Check out some of the Federation architecture patterns implemented by our users.
Production-ready supergraphs, out of the box
Operating a supergraph goes beyond connecting subgraphs. With Hasura Federation, you get all of the features you need to run your supergraph in production with built-in, advanced capabilities for peace of mind.

Define and enforce access controls at the graph level, ensuring comprehensive security and authorization for complex, federated data architectures.


Enforce authentication policies across federated schemas, ensuring secure and authenticated access to data within the federated data graph.


Get comprehensive observability with OpenTelemetry-compliant traces, logs, and metrics that play well with your existing APM solutions for effortless monitoring and tracking.


Easily cache response data from your existing APIs without any effort to support any scale, throughput, and latency requirements.


Get Quality of Service (QoS) and API security features to build a secure and highly available supergraph by addressing common security pitfalls like DoS attacks and GraphQL introspection data exposure.

2024 Edition

The GraphQL Handbook

A GraphQL Handbook for developers and architects to help plan your GraphQL adoption journey.
The GraphQL Handbook

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