Community & Events
Find out about our online & offline events, our community initiatives & get involved with open source at Hasura.
The Hasura community hangs out on Discord and we’d love for you to join us
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Online events
Tune in to hear about the latest in GraphQL, Serverless & Hasura.
3factor Radio
3factor Radio
Join our developer advocate Vladimir as he chats with leading technology practitioners about GraphQL, Serverless & the 3factor architecture.
Hasura streams
Hasura streams
Join Hasura engineers & other guests as they build applications with the Hasura GraphQL Engine.
Conferences & meetups
Our team will be present at meetups & conferences across the world & we'd love to meet you! We'll also be carrying special stickers 😃
Contribute to the Hasura community
We would love for you to get involved with our growing community. There are plenty of opportunities to do so - whatever your experience level is as a developer.
Contribute to the project
Contribute to the project
Look out for the #helpneeded & #goodfirstissue labels to get started with contributing to our open source repo.
Technical Writer Program
Technical Writer Program
A way for you to support the Hasura GraphQL Engine by writing technical content and get rewarded in cash & swag.
Speaking about Hasura
Speaking about Hasura
If you’re speaking about Hasura at any meet up or conference, let us know & we’ll set you up with some sweet sweet goodies!
WeOpen Source
We have built several OSS tools that can help you with your projects. Check them out on GitHub.
If you like it, put aon it
Show your support by starring the project on GitHub or tweeting about us! It makes us really, really, really happy!
I used the Hasura GraphQL engine and all I got was this tweet...
and an instant, realtime, serverless #GraphQL API over a Postgres database with built in RBAC 👼🏽
Want #swag? Join our monthly raffle!
Every month, one lucky winner gets free Hasura swag shipped to your doorstep, wherever in the world you are! We announce the winners on Twitter
Daniel chilling in Bangalore with a lot of #swag 😎
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