Hasura is free & open-source

The core Hasura GraphQL Engine is completely open-source. If you need any help getting started, our 4300+ member strong discord community can help.

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Hasura Pro
For teams in production

Hasura Pro is an enterprise ready version of Hasura that offers enhanced security controls, improved reliability, and out of the box observability for your GraphQL stack.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Automatically create regression suites to prevent breaking changes.



Complete observability: Troubleshoot errors & drill-down into individual operations.

Team Management

Team Management

Login to Hasura project with granular privileges.

Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting

Role-based rate limits to prevent abuse.

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Support and Consulting Plans from the core team

Our Support and Consulting Plans can assist you during all all stages of GraphQL adoption. Whether you want that extra bit of assurance when running Hasura in Production, or you want our experts to review your application’s architecture, we are here to help.

GraphQL Assessment

GraphQL Assessment

  • ExpandEvaluate if GraphQL is the right tool for your organisation.
  • ExpandGraphQL migration planning - how to add GraphQL to your existing stack.
  • ExpandBuilding stakeholder alignment on GraphQL/Hasura.
Evaluating Hasura

Evaluating Hasura

  • ExpandScoping out a proof-of-concept and evaluation criteria.
  • ExpandPair programming support for a proof-of-concept.
  • ExpandBenchmarking.
Development with Hasura

Development with Hasura

  • ExpandArchitecture design or review.
  • ExpandSchema design; Migrations setup.
  • ExpandAuthentication and Authorization.
  • ExpandTraining sessions for developers.
  • ExpandDatabase consulting.
Managing Hasura

Managing Hasura

  • ExpandCI/CD setup.
  • ExpandScalability/H.A.
  • ExpandQ.A/Test setup.
  • ExpandCustom solutions.
  • ExpandPerformance tuning.
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Hasura's responsive support and consulting are critical to our feature velocity, especially with our stringent performance and scale requirements.

Maxim Makarov, CEO at Fastcup.net

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