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GraphQL and Serverless Developer Advocate (Remote)

Careers at Hasura

GraphQL is changing the way developers & teams are building software today. Realtime GraphQL paired with event-driven programming that ties together serverless computing on the backend is creating a new way to develop applications, with more power in the hands of the application developer.

Hasura is the only open source project of its kind at the intersection of the GraphQL & serverless movements and empowers developers to build powerful, scalable applications easily. Our technology gives teams instant realtime GraphQL APIs and event-sourcing for serverless on a database in a manner that is high-performance, low-footprint and horizontally scalable out-of-the-box.

We are very excited to be at the junction of these 2 massive ecosystem trends that will have a profound impact on development workflows going forward, and we are looking for amazing people who are as excited as we are to join us on this journey!

About the role:

We are looking for full-time remote developer advocates based out of the US or Europe. Your role will involve working with GraphQL and serverless and helping developers achieve success with these technologies. One of the most exciting things about this role will be working with the larger developer community to explore how GraphQL and serverless can address the community’s complex use-cases and requirements. The specifics of the role will be carved out based on your experience and strengths.

At a high-level, your responsibilities will include the following:

  1. Applying to and speaking at conferences & meetups.
  2. Contributing to the GraphQL & Serverless communities via:
    1. Being a part of & helping developers on online communities such as discord, slack,, spectrum, etc.
    2. Being active and helping developers via personal social media & dev forums such as Stack Overflow.
    3. Content creation via blogs, tweets & videos with plenty of code-samples and diagrams to break down complex information into understandable nuggets.
  3. Working with a team of engineers at Hasura to conceptualize and build tooling, content and relevant resources.

  4. Working with the larger open source community as well as other related technologies/companies to conceptualize and co-create tooling, content and relevant resources.

  5. Creating and owning a community resource such as a podcast, newsletter, streaming channel, etc.
  6. Organizing and conducting a few small-scale events in US/Europe.

What we are looking for:

  1. Experience building applications with React/Vue/Angular and understanding or working knowledge of GraphQL & Serverless.
  2. Very good written & spoken communication skills in English. Other languages will be a plus.
  3. Experience working in open source communities.
Willingness to travel for meetups, conferences & other events.
  5. The ability to conceptualize, communicate & execute on short-term and medium-term plans.
  6. Being very organized & communicating proactively (as is required of a remote-role).
  7. Any prior experience in a dev advocacy role or experience with similar roles/responsibilities as part of personal/work projects will be a plus.

Working at Hasura:

We are a small team at the beginning of our journey to shape the GraphQL and serverless ecosystems. Through your work at Hasura, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on both Hasura as well as the larger technology community.

As a team, we take a lot of pride in our work. We obsess over the developer experience, and our first priority as a company will always be to make things easier for the developer.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Perks we offer include:

  1. Fully remote (should have the relevant work-permit to live & work in the city of choice)
  2. Competitive salary
  3. Health insurance will be covered
  4. Generous vacation policy

How to apply

If this role interests you, please send your resume to [email protected]. Please do include references to blog posts that you have written or links to videos/talks that you have done or any other material that is relevant to the role as described above.

About Hasura

Hasura is a venture-backed open-source technology company with offices in San Francisco and Bangalore. Our core project, the Hasura GraphQL engine, provides instant realtime GraphQL APIs and event-sourcing on a database so that teams can build scalable applications with GraphQL and serverless easily.

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