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Solving Data Access & Data Management with GraphQL APIs at Goldman Sachs

Data is at the core of today's business processes. It must be seamlessly exchanged and understood both within a firm and across organizations. Legend is an open-source project for the fintech world that aims to eliminate many of the challenges with data management today in an efficient, secure, and governed manner and remove barriers created by business silos and complex processes.

In this talk, Pierre & Beeke will walk us through the architecture of Legend and the real-world problems that it is solving in the enterprise today.


Pierre De Belen

Pierre De Belen

Pierre is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and the Lead Architect of the recently open sourced Data Management Platform Legend. In addition, he manages Goldman’s Data Platform team which is responsible for developing data-centric and user-focused solutions to power the firm’s Data Strategy.

During his 15-year tenure at Goldman Sachs, his technological designs significantly increased data quality and streamlined data production flows. Before joining Goldman Sachs, he was a senior Consultant at Gemini Systems building out a software to uplift various trading floor workflows at the NYC Stock Exchange. Before that, he was Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Apeera.
Beeke-Marie Nelke

Beeke-Marie Nelke

Beeke is a Vice President in the Goldman Sachs Data Engineering department and leads the global Legend Product team. Legend is the flagship of Goldman Sachs' data strategy and enables both technical and non-technical users to develop data-centric applications and derive data-driven insights.

Before joining Goldman Sachs in 2019, Beeke worked in start-ups, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies in various capacities in over 5 different countries. She has a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from the Aarhus University in Denmark.
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