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Get GraphQL APIs on Postgres in 2 minutes

Point to your Postgres database and get fully-featured, secure, and performant GraphQL APIs in under 2 minutes!

Authorization, simplified

  • TickEasily configure role-based authorization and very granular access permissions.
  • TickConnect the Hasura authorization engine to your authentication system to easily create a secure GraphQL endpoint.
  • TickBe in complete control of who can access which data (down to field level) and perform which operations.

Blazing-fast GraphQL

Blazing-fast GraphQL

GraphQL APIs generated by Hasura are fast across various performance dimensions – latency, concurrency, throughput, etc. Using query caching, prepared queries, and other architectural and compile-time optimizations on the backend, we ensure that you get highly performant GraphQL APIs – without the effort.

Blazing-fast GraphQL


  • Observability

    Get complete visibility into the performance and health of your GraphQL APIs. Monitor natively with Hasura, or export observability data to external tools like Datadog.

  • CI/CD integrations

    The Hasura CLI lets you seamlessly integrate Hasura into your existing CI/CD workflows.

    CI/CD Integrations
  • Security

    With a secure-by-default setup and features like allow lists and configurable API limits, Hasura lets you secure your GraphQL APIs in production environments.

ObservabilityCI/CD IntegrationsSecurity

Hasura scales with your necessity

Peter Downs

Peter Downs

Director of Engineering, Pipe

“Hasura is a fantastic way to create a data fetching layer to our database. It’s ultra-stable and often better at planning queries than ones we were writing ourselves.”


Lower Dev Time

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All Postgres flavors welcome

All Postgres flavors welcome

Hasura works natively with different Postgres flavors and extensions, including TimescaleDB, Yugabyte, Neon, PostGIS, CrunchyData and many more.

Go from data to API in under 2 minutes