Instant GraphQL and REST for Databases

Create reusable APIs from your databases within minutes with centralized authentication, authorization, and data security down to the row and column level

Universal data access for modern apps & integration

Auto-generate data APIs within minutes from the world’s most popular databases.

Extend cloud and on-prem databases to web and mobile apps with auto-generated GraphQL and REST APIs. Keep using your database’s native data types.
Auto-generate data APIs

Join Different Data Sources

Use remote schemas to unify siloed data across different data sources - including databases, spreadsheets, and APIs.
Data Sources

Flexible & Reusable APIs

Maintain one API for multiple users and scenarios, secured with authentication and authorization rules limiting access to data based on role
Reusable APIs

Real-Time Notifications & Messaging

Create live data subscriptions delivering real-time updates to apps and external systems
Real-Time Notifications

Easy to Use

Create your services with an easy to use GUI and console
Easy to Use

Performance and security at global scale

Managed Cloud

Go serverless with Hasura Cloud in 13 global regions and VPC support, or on-prem with Hasura Enterprise
Managed Cloud

Scalable Performance

Create data caches and read replicas to improve response time and reduce database load
Scalable Performance


Define granular authorization rules and allow lists to restrict read and write access down to individual rows and columns