Instant GraphQL for

Get GraphQL APIs for your database in minutes
Use cloud-hosted databases with Hasura Cloud
Activate on-premises databases with Hasura Core or Enterprise

Extend databases to web and mobile apps

  • ExpandConnect existing databases to apps written in React, Angular, Vue, and mobile frameworks with one GraphQL endpoint. Learn more
  • ExpandHasura Cloud and intuitive GUI and CLI make it easy to get started
  • ExpandCreate live queries and subscriptions that react to data changes
Extend database to web and mobile apps

Full access to native data types

  • ExpandUtilize database-specific data types without comprises or workarounds
  • ExpandContinue using GIS and location-based queries your database provides
Full access to native data types

Join databases and APIs

  • ExpandCreate GraphQL services composed of multiple databases with remote joins
  • ExpandIntegrate internal and commercial REST services simplify development and create new APIs
  • ExpandAdd custom business logic in your favorite language or framework
Full access to native data types

Performance at scale

  • ExpandStart free and scale to millions of users with built-in caching and high availability
  • ExpandRead replicas for fast performance
  • ExpandRate limiting to manage utilization
Full access to native data types

Enterprise ready

  • ExpandSecure and authorize data with allow lists and authentication services like Auth0
  • ExpandMonitoring, analytics, and integrations with APM, logging, and alerting tools
  • Expand24/7 support and training available