Course Introduction

YugabyteDB is a 100% open source, distributed SQL database built to enable the development of scalable, resilient and geo-distributed cloud native applications. Hasura GraphQL Engine is an advanced GraphQL server that gives you instant, real-time GraphQL APIs over PostgreSQL-compliant databases. When used together, YugabyteDB and Hasura provide front-end, mobile, and edge application developers with a complete cloud native back-end and database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

What You Will Learn

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Provision cloud native versions of YugabyteDB and Hasura
  • Interconnect Hasura and YugabyteDB cloud services
  • Query and modify the data located in YugabyteDB via the GraphQL API provided by Hasura
  • Connect to and query Hasura GraphQL endpoint programmatically

What You Need

Almost all the sections of this tutorial are designed for and can be completed with a contemporary browser such as Chrome or Firefox. If you decide to complete the final section of the tutorial that connects to Hasura GraphQL endpoint via a Node.js application, then you need to install npm and Node.js.

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