Set up a GraphQL client with Apollo

Elm-graphql doesn't have a native websockets client. The only option available as of now is to use apollo client on the javascript side to make a GraphQL subscription query. We will get into how we can achieve it a little later.

Lets configure our ApolloClient

Elm Apollo Installation

Let's get started by installing apollo client & peer graphql dependencies:

$ npm install --save graphql apollo-client apollo-link-ws apollo-cache-inmemory subscriptions-transport-ws graphql-tag

Create Apollo Client Instance

/* */
+var apolloClient = require("apollo-client")
+var apolloLinkWS = require('apollo-link-ws')
+var apolloCacheInMemory = require("apollo-cache-inmemory")
+var gql = require('graphql-tag')
+var GRAPHQL_URI = ''
+const getClient = (token) => {
+ const wsLink = new apolloLinkWS.WebSocketLink({
+ uri: `wss://${GRAPHQL_URI}`,
+ options: {
+ reconnect: true,
+ connectionParams: {
+ headers: {
+ Authorization: `Bearer ${ token }`
+ }
+ }
+ }
+ });
+ const client = new apolloClient.ApolloClient({
+ link: wsLink,
+ cache: new apolloCacheInMemory.InMemoryCache({
+ addTypename: true
+ })
+ });
+ return client;
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
var app = Elm.Main.init({node: document.getElementById('app')})
app.ports.storeToken.subscribe(function(token) {
localStorage.setItem('token', token)
app.ports.removeTokenFromStarage.subscribe(function() {
var token = localStorage.getItem('token')
if ( token ) {

Let's try to understand what is happening here.

HttpLink and InMemoryCache

We are creating a wsLink to connect ApolloClient with the GraphQL server. As you know already, our GraphQL server is running at

At the end, we instantiate ApolloClient by passing in our link and a new instance of InMemoryCache (recommended caching solution). We are wrapping all of this in a function which will return the client.

We are going to make use of this function to initiate GraphQL subscriptions.

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