Sync new todos

Once a new todo is entered in a public list, it needs to appear in the UI. Instead of automatically displaying the todo in the UI, we use a Feed like Notification banner which appears whenever a new todo is received.

In the Subscription component of the previous step, we only get the latest todo id not the complete todo. We will now write a query to fetch the list of public todos based on id.

Start off by writing a graphql query which takes in id as query variable.

query getNewPublicTodos ($latestVisibleId: Int) {
todos(where: { is_public: { _eq: true}, id: {_gt: $latestVisibleId}}, order_by: { created_at: desc }) {
user {

Now that we have this query, we can write our functions to fetch public todos based on id's.

// Get Subscribed Todos from notification
private func getNotifTodos(id: Int){
apollo.fetch(query: GetNewPublicTodosQuery(latestVisibleId: id)) { (result, err) in
guard let data = result?.data else { return }
// Show notification
let todos = data.todos.compactMap{ PublicTodo(title: $0.title, username: $, id: $}
self.addPublicTodoLocal(todos: todos)

Let's update our action to notification with below,

// On click of view button in Notification
@IBAction func viewNotificationAction(_ sender: Any) {
+ self.getNotifTodos(id: publicTodosNotif[0])
+ self.publicTodosNotif.removeAll()
+ toggleNotifView()

To get the older todos on click of load more button, lets add the graphql query for it,

query getOldPublicTodos ($oldestTodoId: Int!) {
todos (where: { is_public: { _eq: true}, id: {_lt: $oldestTodoId}}, limit: 7, order_by: { created_at: desc }) {
user {

Update the loadMoreAction function to the following & update it's IBAction:

// On click of load more button
@IBAction func loadMoreAction(_ sender: Any) {
+ self.setupUI(loading: true)
+ getOldPublicTodos(id: self.publicTodos.last!.id)
// Get Old Todos
+ query getOldPublicTodos ($oldestTodoId: Int!) {
+ todos (where: { is_public: { _eq: true}, id: {_lt: $oldestTodoId}}, limit: 7, order_by: { created_at: desc }) {
+ id
+ title
+ created_at
+ user {
+ name
+ }
+ }
+ }

We are defining a query to fetch older public todos and making a apollo.fetch#query call to get the data from the cloud. Once we get the data, we update the publicTodos & reload the tableView to re-render the UI with the available list of public todos.

Try adding a new Public todo, it won't show up, as we are not doing anything on the Done Action of keyboard, lets add that.

func textFieldShouldReturn(_ textField: UITextField) -> Bool{
// Add todos on return & clear text field & remvove keyboard
if let title = textField.text, title != empty {
+ self.addTodoToPublicCloud(title: title)
textField.text = empty
return true

Now try adding a new todo to the public feed and you will see the notification appearing saying that a new task has arrived.

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