Build a realtime GraphQL application workshop with Hasura

12 Feb, 2020
8 - 10 PM ET
Ali Spittel
Ali Spittel
Ali Spittel will be conducting a 2 hour live workshop on zoom on using GraphQL & Hasura to build realtime applications.
In this workshop, attendees will learn how to use Hasura to build real-time GraphQL applications with ease. We will be using React, Heroku, PostgreSQL, and some of Hasura’s latest features to build a collaborative game.
This workshop will be appropriate for most learners, as long as they have foundational knowledge in React and its component lifecycle and some knowledge of databases.
Attendees will walk away with a working application and deeper knowledge of Hasura and GraphQL.
Ali Spittel
Ali Spittel
Ali teaches people to code. She loves Python, JavaScript, and talking about code. She is most interested in the intersection of programming, art, and education. She’s a distinguished faculty member at General Assembly, where she teaches people how to code.
When Ali’s not working, you can find her watching New England sports, competing on CodeWars, taking runs around Capitol Hill, rock climbing, or participating in DC coding community events.
Ali also blogs about code and her life surrounding it. Her writing has gotten over a million readers in the past year. She is also a Google Developer Expert and Mozilla Tech Speaker.