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Hasura Pipe brand

Learn How Pipe Uses Hasura To Help Companies Grow On Their Terms

  • Pipe is a fintech startup that’s transforming how companies fund their growth by unlocking their biggest asset - revenue.
  • Come learn how they’ve built a scalable and modern architecture, and how they’re using Hasura to easily create GraphQL APIs to ship features quickly.
  • This webinar is for developers and architects trying to quickly solve data and API integration in modern apps.
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    Learn About Pipe
    Discover how Pipe is unlocking a new asset class, the challenges they faced, and why they chose GraphQL for their API.
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    Learn how they architected their solution and the benefits they gained by utilizing Hasura.
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    What’s Next
    See where Pipe is headed next and their technical vision for achieving it.
About the Presenters
Peter Downs
Peter Downs
Director of Engineering at Pipe
Steven Yi
Steven Yi
Head of Product Marketing at Hasura

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