PostgreSQL Hosting Providers

Hosting providers for PostgreSQL database

There are managed Postgres solutions from various hosting providers for production use cases. You can use any of these hosting providers to host your Postgres database and then connect it to your Hasura application.

Aiven - Guide

Aiven offers you a fully managed, hosted, and high-performance Postgres database.

Amazon RDS - Guide

Amazon RDS is a popular choice for hosting a Postgres database. It offers replication for high availability, backups, and storage management.

Azure Postgres - Guide

Azure Postgres offers a managed PostgreSQL database with 99,99% uptime, advanced security, and performance optimizations powered by artificial intelligence.

DigitalOcean - Guide

DigitalOcean allows you to host your database. It comes with automated failover, end-to-end security, and free daily backups.

Google Cloud SQL - Guide

Google Cloud is another popular cloud where you can host your database. It offers reliability, automated database provisioning, storage management, and observability.

Neon - Guide

Neon offers a fully managed Postgres database with branching, autoscaling, and bottomless storage.

Railway - Guide

Railway is another hosting provider you can use to host your database. It allows you to provision a PostgreSQL database with zero configuration.

ElephantSQL - Guide

ElephantSQL offers a hosted PostgreSQL database with automated backups, monitoring, high availability, and streaming replication across clouds.

Render - Guide

Render enables you to host your PostgreSQL database in a secure and reliable environment. The database comes with automated backups and encryption.

Supabase - Guide

Supbase comes with a hosted Postgres when you create a new project. It also has over 40 extensions to extend your Postgres database.

TimescaleDB - Guide

TimescaleDB gives you a supercharged and powerful database. It comes with powerful analytics, PostgreSQL extensions, and integration with Prometheus for observability metrics.

You can also find the comprehensive list of officially recognized Cloud Providers for hosting PostgreSQL.

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