Apply Migrations

Let's get started by creating the tables and relationships for the Slack app.

Download the hasura project with migrations

  1. Clone the learn-graphql repo. Execute the following commands in your terminal:
# make sure git version is >= v2.26
git clone --filter=blob:none --sparse
cd learn-graphql
git sparse-checkout init --cone
git sparse-checkout add tutorials/backend/hasura-auth-slack/slack-backend
  1. Navigate to the slack-backend directory.
cd tutorials/backend/hasura-auth-slack/slack-backend

Configure the endpoint to point to the Hasura Cloud app URL. Open the config.yaml file and set the endpoint value.

version: 3

Note: Your endpoint will be different based on your Hasura project.

Now let's apply the migrations.

hasura metadata apply --admin-secret xxxx
hasura migrate apply --database-name default --admin-secret xxxx
hasura metadata reload --admin-secret xxxx

Note: When you apply metadata, you might initially get the warning saying, Metadata is inconsistent. This comes up because the tables are actually not yet created and will not be a problem once you do the migrate apply step.

This will create the tables and relationships for the slack app.

Great! Now navigate to the Hasura Console to see the tables with relationships.

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