Tutorial & boilerplate setup

For this tutorial, the GraphQL backend and the basic app UI is already ready. Our task will be to convert the "static" UI into a working realtime app.

Download and run the boilerplate

  1. Download the boilerplate at: https://hasura.io/learn/graphql/react-native/boilerplate.zip
  2. Unzip and make sure you're in the app-boilerplate directory
  3. Make sure you have expo-cli installed
    • npm install -g expo-cli
  4. Install dependencies and run the app. This will start the development server
    • yarn
    • yarn start
  5. Open this app from your phone using Expo
  6. Signup/login as a user to load the todo app screen

After you login, you should get something like this:

UI after logging in

Load GraphiQL to play with your GraphQL APIs

  1. Head to https://hasura.io/learn/graphql/graphiql?tutorial=react-native
  2. Log in (so that you can test the GraphQL APIs with a valid user token)

This is what you should see after the steps above:

GraphiQL after login