Query Variables

What is a variable in GraphQL context?

GraphQL has a first-class way to factor dynamic values out of the query, and pass them as a separate dictionary. These values are called variables. In our case, we are defining the object to be inserted as a mutation.

So let's define the graphql mutation to be used.

Open src/GraphQLQueries.re and add the following code:

// GraphQL mutation for inserting a todo
module InsertMyTodo = [%graphql
mutation ($todo: String!, $isPublic: Boolean!) {
insert_todos(objects: {title: $todo, is_public: $isPublic}) {
returning {
module InsertMyTodoMutation = ReasonApollo.CreateMutation(InsertMyTodo);

In the above code,

  • InsertMyTodo is a mutation module built from plain query string using graphql_ppx.
  • InsertMyTodoMutation is a typed React component that provides the mutation function (a function that performs the given mutation) in its render prop function so that it can be utilised by the events. It is similar to the <Mutation> component in react-apollo.

What does this mutation do?

The mutation inserts into todos table with the objects variable being passed as one todo type.

Awesome! We have defined our first graphql mutation. In the next section, we will pass the query variables to this mutation and finally integrate this mutation with our insert todo functionality.