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Detect new todos

We will use GraphQL subscriptions to get notified if there are any new public tasks added. Whenever, a notification is received, we will fetch the tasks newer than the newest task in local state.

We wish to show the newTodosBanner saying New tasks have arrived only when a notification has been received.

We will wrap the parent component src/todo/ with a Subscription and pass the the newestId in the database as a prop to the TodoPublicList component. Looking at this newestId, we will check if it is greater than the id of the newest visible todo. If it is, we know that a new task(s) are present in the database and we show the banner saying New tasks have arrived.

Lets first define the subscription in src/ Add the following code to the bottom.

module NotifyNewPublicTodos = [%graphql
subscription notifyNewPublicTodos {
todos (where: { is_public: { _eq: true}}, limit: 1, order_by: {id: desc }) {
module NotifyNewPublicTodosSubscription = ReasonApollo.CreateSubscription(NotifyNewPublicTodos);

Now, use this NotifyNewPublicTodosSubscription component in TodoPublicWrapper to wrap TodoPublicList. Go to src/todo/TodoPublicWrapper and make the following changes:

client => {
- <TodoPublicList client={client}/>
+ <GraphQLQueries.NotifyNewPublicTodosSubscription>
+ ...{
+ ({result}) => switch(result) {
+ | Error(error) => {
+ Js.Console.error(error);
+ <div> {ReasonReact.string("Error")}</div>
+ }
+ | Data(data) => {
+ let todos = data##todos;
+ let latestTodoId = if (Array.length(todos) > 0) { todos[0]##id } else { 0 };
+ <TodoPublicList client={client} latestTodoId={latestTodoId}/>
+ }
+ | Loading => {
+ <TodoPublicList client={client} latestTodoId={0}/>
+ }
+ }
+ }
+ </GraphQLQueries.NotifyNewPublicTodosSubscription>

We are making the subscription for the newest task in the database and pass the newest id as a prop called latestTodoId.

Now, in src/todo/, make the make function accept latestTodoId as a prop.

-let make = (~client) => {
+let make = (~client, ~latestTodoId) => {

Now, compute a boolean variable called shouldShowNewTodosBanner which decides if there are new todos in the database. Based on shouldShowNewTodosBanner, show or hide the newTodosBanner.

- <div className={"loadMoreSection"}>
- {ReasonReact.string("New tasks have arrived!")}
- </div>
+ let existingTodoLength = Array.length(state##todos);
+ let latestVisibleId = if (existingTodoLength > 0) { state##todos[0]##id } else { 0 };
+ let shouldShowNewTodosBanner = latestVisibleId < latestTodoId;
+ let newTodosBanner = if(shouldShowNewTodosBanner) {
+ <div className={"loadMoreSection"}>
+ {ReasonReact.string("New tasks have arrived!")}
+ </div>
+ } else {
+ {ReasonReact.null}
+ };

Once you do this, whenever there is a new public task in the database, the new todos banner would be displayed. Try entering a new public todo; your own todo will also be treated as a new todo in the database and the banner would be displayed.

In the next section, we will implement the onClick handler of this banner i.e we will sync the new todos in the database with the local todos.

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