Add the Cargo Table to Hasura

  1. In the Hasura Console click the Data tab and click Create Table under the default database.

  2. Table name is cargo

  3. Click Frequently used columns and select the id one with UUID

  4. Add four other columns

  • launch_id - text
  • name - text
  • user_id - text
  • weight - integer
  1. Add the table. You should now be on the modify page of the table.

  2. Under configure fields for both launch_id and user_id we need to edit the GraphQL Field Name option to the JavaScript naming convention of camelCase instead of the Postgres naming convention of underscores.

  • launch_id -> launchId
  • user_id -> userId
  1. Click on the permissions table and enter a new role of user

  2. Keep the insert permissions as disabled, we want to do our own validation on our server before inserting

  3. For select permissions we allow with custom check of user_id _eq X-Hasura-User-Id, allow user to access all columns, and allow them to make aggregation queries.

  4. For update permissions the pre-update check will be the same as select and allow them only to update the name column.

  5. Finally, for delete allow with the same custom check as select

For homework, send an email via Sendgrid whenever a new cargo is added using Hasura's Data Hub

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