Course Introduction

This course introduces using Hasura, Remix the web framework, and Firebase Auth/Hosting together.

The focus is on setting up a solid foundation that you can build on with features like code generation, authentication, and caching.

Key topics and takeaways

  • Setting up a no-code backend integrating the GraphQL SpaceX API
  • End to end example of authentication and CSRF protection
  • Code generation for type-safe and easy to use GraphQL calls
  • Progressive enhancement on the browser, only load JS when logged in for features like preloading
  • Conditionally set caching headers that work with CDNs
  • Deploying to GCP Cloud Run, Firebase Hosting, and Hasura Cloud

What will be building?

We are building a cargo booking service for Mars on SpaceX rockets using the excellent GraphQL SpaceX API

Try this deployed version of the app to see what we'll be building:

Is this a Remix tutorial

No, we recommend you read the Remix docs and watch the videos on their YouTube channel. This tutorial lets you set up a solid foundation with Remix + Hasura.

What do I need to take this tutorial?

The Hasura CLI, Firebase CLI, gcloud cli, Docker, and Node 16+

How long will this tutorial take?

2 hours

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