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Help developers & teams build the future they imagine 

At Hasura, we’re a globally distributed team solving some of the hardest problems in data access. As the amount of data in the world explodes and as the need for building products and applications becomes more urgent, we believe that making data available to developers in a way they love (GraphQL ❤️) will address the most fundamental bottlenecks in making them productive.

At Hasura we’re building tools and technology, based on a strong open-source foundation and ethos, with a focus on building a sustainable project, community and business around Hasura. Apart from maintaining our flagship open-source graphql-engine, we contribute to and financially support various open-source projects and foundations.

Imagine a world where developers can choose their favorite databases and services (or activate legacy sources they hate working with!). Where much-needed security, performance and compliance policies just work, and don’t slow down the path to go from idea to reality.

And of course, we make all this happen with great people. We’re a team of mission-driven individuals, and we’re continuously working towards creating a productive and high-impact environment for ourselves!

Our Values

Ownership & Accountability

You take ownership of your mission & are accountable for your work.You are trustworthy and proactive in your communication with others.

Continuous learning

You showcase curiosity and a desire to be open to new ideas; and spend & encourage focused time learning & sharing new things.

Growth mindset

You are always looking for ways to add more impact by bettering yourself, your team, the work you do and the company as a whole.


You work to understand the perspective of others on your team & our users, so that you can continuously align in a fast-paced environment and solve problems faster.


You are proud of what we create together, first in terms of the value & delight we add to our users, and second in how it is done.


Working for Hasura makes me truly happy because I get to work with some of the smartest and sweetest people I’ve ever worked with.

Marion INDIA
Docs & Onboarding Team



Remote & Hybrid Work Environment

Our team is spread across 18 countries and we’re a remote workforce. For some of us who love working together in an office, or need to catch up for high-bandwidth discussions over a whiteboard and snacks, we have office spaces in SF and Bangalore!

Equipment, learning & donations

We have a $2500 laptop budget and generous yearly equipment and learning budgets. We also have a donation matching fund of USD 20,000 / year to match employee donations to global organizations working towards equality & equity.

Flexible timings & PTO

Pick work hours that suit you best! Ensure that you have effective overlaps with your team members as required, and choose the time and place of work that brings out the best in you.

Self-Care Fridays

We have the second Friday of every month off - so we always have at least one long weekend to recharge and spend time taking care of ourselves.

Competitive Benefits

We provide 99% coverage on healthcare, vision, dental and life insurance.