Hasura Community Call

27 MAY 2020 | 9 AM PST
Join our 7th community call on 27th May at 9am PST. We have exciting features and demos lined up, so don’t miss it!
Remote Joins
We’ll show you how you can use Hasura to join data from your database with other data sources.
Scheduled triggers
Hasura makes it easy to schedule tasks based on a cron schedule or at a fixed time in the future. Join us to learn more about how this works in Hasura.
Hasura without the UI
You might think that it’s only possible to use Hasura with a UI. But Hasura’s declarative configuration is just JSON underneath. In this demo, we’ll show you how you can set Hasura up entirely using good old Typescript code!
Hasura Con update
Hasura Con is coming closer and we are so excited to host our first user conference! As we’re working on the finishing touches, we want to hear from you! Tell us what topics you’re most interested in and what you’d like to learn.
Community demo (Avi Moondra)
Actions in action: Avi will show how he used Hasura actions to handle the business logic for his fishbowl game. Check it out here.
We hope to see you there 👋🏾