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Hasura Community Call

Next Call - May 27, 2021 | 9AM PT
Join us for our upcoming community call to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.
Next Call - May 27, 2021 | 9AM PT
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    Hasura Update:
    In this customary update by our CEO & co-founder, Tanmai Gopal, catch all the cool product updates and what’s on the roadmap!
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    1:1 Relationships:
    A brief update on one-to-one table relationships in Hasura.
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    Multiple Datasources:
    At Hasura, we’re working on empowering our users with universal data access to build modern apps and integrations by supporting all your databases. In this segment, we bring you exciting demos of graphql-engine’s newly added support for two popular OLAP data sources
    1. BigQuery:
      Google Big Query is one from our suite of data sources that you can leverage to create reusable GraphQL and REST APIs within minutes. Vamshi will demonstrate the features that are currently supported on BigQuery.
    2. Citus:
      Citus transforms Postgres into a distributed database. It is one of the new generation of databases that aim to target both OLAP and OLTP use cases. Hear from Vamshi about the exciting work the team has been doing in bringing the official beta to you.
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    Get a deeper look into some upcoming security features that we’ve been working on.
    1. Client SSL Certificate:
      In this demo, Solomon will give us an early look into how you can securely connect Hasura Cloud to your Postgres database using Client SSL certificates.
    2. Security Features:
      In this demo, Tiru will showcase some of the upcoming security features in Hasura Cloud such as Node Limit, GraphQL Request Timeout & Disabling GraphQL Introspection for Roles.
About the Host
Vishwa Mehta
Vishwa Mehta
Developer Relations Team at Hasura
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