Hasura Community Call

Watch our Dec 22 community call to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.
timeDec 15, 2022
time9AM PT
What you will learn
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    Product Lookback
    Join Tanmai Gopal, cofounder & CEO at Hasura for a look back at everything we accomplished in 2022. He’ll be highlighting major releases and launches that happened in the past year!
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    Snowflake Preview
    You did the legwork getting all your data organized, categorized, and systematized in Snowflake. Let Hasura help solve your data warehouse’s last-mile problem and get the richness of Snowflake into product team’s hands!
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    It may walk and trumpet like an elephant, but AlloyDB is the tricked-out “Postgres Compatible” DB you’d expect from the data engineers at Google that achieves 99.99% availability and includes a plethora of auto-scaling features that allow it to adapt to a wide range of requirements. Now you can have instant GraphQL for this powerful database solution which Google is planning to release as GA in December 2022.
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    Parameterized queries (feedback)
    Your DBA was on Product Santa’s ‘good-list’ this year. Unleash even more of your DB’s superpowers as SQL goes ultra-meta in this brand-new RFC. GraphQL run-time variables in SQL with Hasura’s protected execution guarantee? Yes, please!
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    Action Improvements
    The Action train is still “full-steam ahead” with response transforms now supported on the UI and the ability to make query parameters optional.
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    Elastic Connection Pooling
    What goes up must come down, and database traffic is no different. Hasura now supports automated flexible database connection pools for even more “set-it-and-forget-it” DevOps wins.
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    Dynamic DB Connection (Alpha Release)
    Throw a switch for the GraphQL-train. Dynamic strings and business logic for your database parameters. Actively looking for Alpha customers
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    Community Presenter: Streaming Subscriptions
    Some user’s wouldn’t want to touch realtime-data optimizations with a 10k foot pole, but this month’s community presenter shows us how they worked with Hasura to see even more performant streaming data for their product.
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Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Technical Product Marketer, Hasura