Hasura Community Call

Watch our Feb 22 Community Call to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.
time24 Feb 2022
time9AM PT
What you will learn
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    AMA with our CEO Tanmai Gopal
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    Product Release & Updates
    • Use Multiple JWTs: We’ve added support for multiple JWTs to Hasura!
    • The Body Payload is now optional for REST Connectors: The latest update to REST connectors lets you remove the body parameter from a request transformation — giving you more control and more flexibility with how you use them.
    • Quickly spin up Hasura Cloud Preview Apps: You can now create Preview Apps right from your cloud dashboard with just a few clicks. So you can rapidly prototype Hasura GraphQL instances with metadata and migrations from your GitHub repo.
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    Replicate existing APIs to Hasura and get a powerful GraphQL API
    We’ll show you how to take an existing third-party API that you want to convert into a Hasura-style GraphQL API with pagination, sorting, aggregations, relationships, authorization, and caching out of the box!
    This tutorial is based on a recent collaboration with a Fortune 1000 Hasura user to help reduce the time spent creating GraphQL APIs for their mobile/web clients for an existing transactional system from several weeks to under 20 minutes!
    You’ll learn how to set up a real-time sync mechanism so your existing API service becomes a Hasura-style GraphQL data API and stays up to date automatically! This process is an alternative to using Actions, where you can get the power of a Postgres backend API that supports powerful data operations and Hasura’s RLS style granular permissions.
Community Demos
  • TickProxy APIs for Hasura for Custom Server Behaviour and Performance
    When working with Hasura, users sometimes need custom behaviour to fine-tune the functionality and performance of the server response, especially with the Hasura OSS. In addition, the live-query nature of Hasura Subscriptions can overwhelm some clients. In this demo, Aes Sedai walks us through his custom proxy service that solves these problems and explains some of the tradeoffs he encountered.
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Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Technical Product Marketer, Hasura