Hasura Community Call

Watch for October 22 community call to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.
timeOct 27, 2022
time9AM PT
What you will learn
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    Neon Database Integration
    We had to give a heave-ho to Heroku, and up-and-coming database-darling Neon was there to fill the void. And they’ve brought some new toys to play with, find out more in this community-call first.
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    Instant GraphQL for Cockroach (Preview)
    The bug you’ve always wanted in your code, now even easier, with the latest work on adding Cockroach DB, come see the happenings from the product team around supporting this DB that’s so hard to kill – and that’s a good thing!
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    Instant GraphQL for Athena (Preview)
    GraphQL for block storage? Yes please! Hear how the product team is adapting the GraphQL primitives of Hasura to query the bottoms of your buckets for god-like control of your metadata.
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    Filter based on aggregations of nested array fields
    Filtering items based on the sum of its parts, all the way down, with this latest development. A statistical analysis dream come true.
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    Role based allow-list (console-only)
    Allow lists can now be configured per role to control the exact set of queries that a client can request from the server.
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    Prometheus for Community Edition
    If you thought we were done with greek gods for this community call, you’d be mistaken. Community member Andreas Fitzek shows us how to enable Prometheus tooling for Hasura Community Edition!
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Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
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