Hasura Community Call

Watch our March 2023 community call to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.
timeMar 30, 2023
time9AM PT
What you will learn
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    Upcoming Hasura v3
    Get a first glance at our next major Hasura version and become part of the V3 working group.
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    MySQL & Oracle - Mutations
    We’ll demo how you can perform mutations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) with our MySQL and Oracle integrations.
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    Parameterized Queries
    NOW: Logical Models!: Learn how you can leverage the native query capabilities of PostgreSQL and expose it over GraphQL with Hasura.
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    Webhook Auth Caching
    Authentication using webhooks made faster with auth token caching. Now reduce the webhook Auth HTTP calls by setting up webhook auth token caching.
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    Import OpenAPI
    Instantly enrich your unified GraphQL API by bringing in existing REST APIs. Go from REST to GraphQL within a few clicks by importing OpenAPI specifications.
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    Community Demo
    Deepak Prabhakara, Co-founder & CEO of BoxyHQ, will share how to leverage Microsoft Azure AD to enable Enterprise SSO login for your Next.js application using the SAML single sign-on protocol. Additionally, you'll see how to relay role-based access from the Identity Provider to Hasura, highlighting that SSO can be a convenient method for both authentication and authorization.
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Presented by
Martin Mark
Martin Mark
Head of Product Design, Hasura
Deepak Prabhakara
Deepak Prabhakara
Co-founder & CEO, BoxyHQ