Hasura Community Call

Watch our May 2023 community call to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.
timeMay 25, 2023
time9AM PT
What you will learn
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    Hasura V3 updates
    Join us to see new features planned for Hasura V3 and the new declarative metadata authoring experience. We will showcase:
    1. A new offering called Hasura Secure Connect to help with local development.
    2. Easy ways to work and manage secrets.
    3. Notable enhancements on the console.
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    GenAI enabled!
    Ever wished your SQL editors could read your mind and generate the SQL query for you? Well, the Hasura console can. We will demo AutoSQL that will enable you to write your queries in plain English and we will generate the SQL queries and fetch the results for you. Sounds interesting? Join us to watch it live!
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    Improved Observability on event triggers and subscriptions
    Discover how to effectively monitor performance using golden signals for event triggers and subscriptions, gaining insights into latency across different layers. Uncover hidden bottlenecks and improve performance through actionable observability.
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    Mastering performance: What's new in Hasura caching?
    Gain insights into advanced caching configurations on Hasura, including techniques like cache with forward client headers, cache hit/miss metrics, TTL configurations, assisted caching suggestions directly from Hasura Console and more!
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    Native queries and logical models
    Level up your Hasura experience with Native Queries and Logical Models allowing you to create custom GraphQL types without the need for database views or functions.
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    Java DIY GraphQL vs Hasura on MySQL
    Join us for a stack battle between Hasura and a DIY GraphQL Server built with Java connected to a MySQL database. We will look at response and execution times for complex GraphQL queries.
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    Community demo: Helium for Hasura DSL Kit
    Starter kit with a metadata DSL, code first workflows, and out of the box authentication. Model first development made real to build expressive APIs in under two minutes.
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Presented by
Rob Dominguez
Rob Dominguez
Senior Engineer, Hasura