Build GraphQL APIs in minutes - a workshop for frontend developers

31 Mar, 2020
8 - 10 AM PDT
Christian Nwamba
Christian Nwamba
GraphQL seems shiny on the frontend, and frontend developers love it because of the flexibility to pick and choose the right size of data for our UI. However, the developer experience of trying to build a backend that supports a GraphQL API can get ugly.
During this workshop, you will learn how to build a GraphQL API in just a few minutes with an amazing developer experience using Hasura. You will also learn how to wire it up to a React client.
This workshop is taught by a frontend developer with a frontend perspective who has successfully built GraphQL APIs and understands the pain-point with getting started.
This workshop is for you if:
  • ExpandYou write GraphQL for frontend apps.
  • ExpandYou find it difficult to create backend GraphQL APIs
  • ExpandYou are just plain curious
  • ExpandYou want to hang out with Christian for 2 hours
This workshop is not for you if:
  • ExpandYou are hoping to learn GraphQL from scratch. Start here instead.
Before taking this course, we recommend that you know:
We also recommend that you install the following software:
  • ExpandNode.js (Verify by running node -v)
  • ExpandDocker (Verify by running docker-compose -v)
  • ExpandHave a code editor 😜
Here’s how to get the best out of this workshop:
  • ExpandInstall the recommended software before the event starts!
  • ExpandBe early. You won’t regret it!
  • ExpandClone the starter code and go through it.
  • ExpandTake this poll to help Christian prep to teach you better.
Christian Nwamba
Christian Nwamba
Christian is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focussing on Startups, JavaScript and Azure. His time is mostly spent on working with developers to figure out how stuff works. He does this through workshops, conferences and online contents. Christian is currently working on Herm, a GraphQL workshop that teaches how to solve advanced business logic problems with GraphQL and serverless. Christian thinks he will make a good DJ someday.