We have a growing community of entrepreneurs, developers & students building apps on Hasura, learning about the open-source softwares that we use and discussing their love of programming & good engineering principles.
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Webinars & more
Our events are on app building and some of the technologies we use - Haskell, Docker, k8s, postgres, etc.
Hasura Talks #1 Talk & Demo with Urban Ladder on Container adoption
Creating a Todo App Backend & UI in Hasura Introduction to Modern Application Development
IMAD: An online course to build modern web/mobile applications
Hasura for Students
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India's Largest MOOC,
We are very keen to help the next generation of student entrepreneurs build solid apps. Hasura works with universities across India in a variety of ways to ensure that students are in touch with modern technologies and entrepreneurs get all the support they need.
One such initiative is IMAD - Hasura & IIT Madras come together for a free course on modern app development, offered a few times a year, and has been taken collectively by over 80,000 students.