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Gamified E-Learning platform with Netlify

Netlify is a SaaS provider offering serverless functions, versioned hosting, global CDN support, and much more. They specialize in high quality, developer experience, and are renown as the company that coined the term "Jamstack" - putting a name to a movement building simple but powerful web experiences by leaning in to modern web technologies.

Interview with Jason Lengstorf

How is Netlify using Hasura?

Netlify uses Hasura to build the Jamstack Explorers project that teaches users bite-size courses on the Jamstack ecosystem. Throughout the course, progress-based achievements can be unlocked, leading to a gamified, educational experience.  

Additionally, it’s an open-source project, based on Next.js, designed as a referential architecture for similar projects that leverage web technologies.  

When users progress through the app and achieve different awards for content accomplished, these are events and actions in the database. Netlify needed a way to be able to perform custom business logic at specific parts of a user's experience on the platform – a problem Hasura is able to solve really well.

"What Hasura gave us, without having to move into any heavy backend stuff, was a really straight-forward way to set up event-driven data management."

Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify

Jason Lengstorf

Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify

Feature Highlights


To create behavior in the background without blocking the user experience, Netlify leaned heavily on Hasura’s data-driven events to perform these background behaviors.


Netlify needed to perform very specific business logic beyond standard database writes, and for these, they used Hasura Actions.

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